The Top 10 Albums Of 2005

Posted: December 10, 2005 in About Me, Playlists
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1.  Panic! At The Disco–A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

2.  Ryan Adams and The Cardinals–Cold Roses

3.  Ryan Adams and The Cardinals–Jacksonville City Nights

4.  Nine Inch Nails–With Teeth

5.  Tori Amos–The Beekeeper

6.  Fall Out Boy–From Under The Cork Tree

7.  The White Stripes–Get Behind Me Satan

8.   Death Cab For Cutie–Plans

9.   The Fray–How To Save A Life

10.   Fiona Apple–Extraordinary Machine

Honorable Mention: Ryan Adams–29.   I don’t normally give “honorable mentions,” but 29 was the third release of all new material in the same year from Ryan Adams.  In fact, if you want to get really technical, Cold Roses is a 2 CD set, making 29 a fourth full CD of new material.  Plus, 29 is a concept album containing 9 songs, one for every year of his 20s.  AND He did the cover art.  Brilliant! Amazing!


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