Songs That Mention The Radio

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Playlists
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On The Radio–Donna Summers

Broken Radio–Jesse Malin
Radio, Radio–Elvis Costello
Have You Seen Me Lately–Counting Crows
Mexican Radio–Wall Of Voodoo
Radio Song–REM
Radio Free Europe–REM
Radio Cure–Wilco
Writing To Reach You–Travis
This Is Radio Clash–The Clash

Brown-Eyed Girl–Van Morrison
Jesus On The Radio–Guster

Raised On Radio–Journey
AM Radio–Everclear

Rest Stop–Matchbox 20

Sell Out–Reel Big Fish
Geurilla Radio–Rage Against The Machine


  1. grantbushman says:

    Counting Crows Songs that include the word Radio:

    Monkey – got Ben Folds on my radio right now.
    Diamonds, Babies & Cars – he turns the radio on; he turns the radio off.
    ‘Round Here (MTV Version) – because I was out on the radio just starting to change. (Yes, this is quoting from the afore mentioned “Have You Seen Me Lately”.)
    Caravan – radio come, radio say, turn it up a little louder.
    Holiday in Spain – they left the television screaming that the radio’s on.
    Cowboys – ’cause all the cowboys are radio killers.
    Ghost Train – love is a ghost train howling on the radio.


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