Songs That Mention Other Artists

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Playlists
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Mr. Jones–Counting Crows (mentions Bob Dylan)
If It Makes You Happy–Sheryl Crow (mentions John Coltrane)
Don’t Let Me Get Me–Pink (mentions Britney Spears)
Boys of Summer–Don Henley (mentions The Grateful Dead)
Boys of Summer–The Ataris (mentions Black Flag)
She Likes Me For Me–Blessed Union Of Souls (mentions Pavoratti)
Buddy Holly–Weezer
Be My Yoko Ono–The Barenaked Ladies
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone–Sleater-Kinney
Round Here–Counting Crows (mentions Elvis)
Not David Bowie–Tori Amos
Caught A Lite Sneeze–Tori Amos (references Nine Inch Nails’ album Pretty Hate Machine)
Precious Things–Tori Amos (mentions Nine Inch Nails)
When Smokey Sings–ABC (about Smokey Robinson)
Just Lose It–Eminem (mentions Michael Jackson)
Goody Two Shoes–Adam Ant (mentions Al Green)
Without Me–Eminem (mentions Elvis, Limp Bizkit, Prince, Moby, and Obie Trice)
You Get What You Give–New Radicals (mentions Beck, Hanson, Marilyn Manson)
It’s My Life–Bon Jovi (mentions Frank Sinatra)
Funky Cold Medina–Tone Loc (mentions Mick Jagger)
Posters–Dada (mentions Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, and The Zombies) 
  1. grantbushman says:

    Monkey – Counting Crows (mentions Ben Folds)


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