Mr. and Mrs.

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Playlists
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Mrs. Robinson–Simon and Garfunkel
Ms. Independant–Kelly Clarkson
Mrs. Jesus–Tori Amos
Mrs. O–Dresden Dolls
Mrs. Potter’s Lullabye–Counting Crows
Mr. Jones–Counting Crows
Mr. Tambourine Man–Bob Dylan
Mr. Bad Man–Tori Amos
Mr. Zebra–Tori Amos
Sorry Ms. Jackson–Outkast
Mrs. Butterworth–Nirvana
Excuse Me Mr–No Doubt
Mrs. Rita–Gin Blossoms
Mr. Brightside–The Killers
Excuse Me Mr.–Ben Harper
Mr. Roboto–Styx
Mr. Chess–Duncan Sheik
Mr. Brownstone–Guns and Roses
Dear Mr. President–Pink (feat. Indigo Girls)
Mr. Pittiful–Matt Costa
Mr. Blue–Yaz
Mr. Blue–Garth Brooks
Mr. Bojangles– 


  1. grantbushman says:

    Mr. Tanner – Harry Chapin
    Mr. Brown – Tyler Stenson
    Mr. Cooper – Grant Bushman
    Mr. Wendel – Arrested Development


  2. grantbushman says:

    Oh yeah, and

    Dear Mr. Jesus – Richard Klender


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