The City Of Angels

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Playlists
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Los Angeles–Counting Crows

Under The Bridge–Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Goodnight Hollywood Blvd.–Ryan Adams

A Sorta Fairytale–Tori Amos

Hollywood–Collective Soul

Walking In L.A.–Missing Persons

Goodnight L.A.–Counting Crows

Beverly Hills–Weezer

I Love L.A.–Randy Newman

L.A. Woman–The Doors

Out In L.A.–Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Santa Monica–Everclear

To LIve and Die in L.A.–Wang Chung

Hollywood’s Not America–Ferras

King Of Hollywood–Eagles

Say Goodbye To Hollywood–Billy Joel

Glory Of The 80’s–Tori Amos

Hollywood–The Cranberries

L.A. Song–Beth Hart

Picture Postcards from L.A.– Joshua Kadison


Santa Monica–Savage Garden

No Peace, Los Angeles–Mike Doughty

Angeles–Elliot Smith

Burn Hollywood Burn–Public Enemy

Celebrity Skin–Hole

City Of Angels–10,000 Maniacs


  1. jessie4poetlaureate says:

    Los Angeles I’m Yours–The Decemberists


  2. David says:

    U2-If God Will Send His Angels
    U2-Stay (about angels)


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