Psycho Killer–Talking Heads (murder )

Burning Down The House–Talking Heads (arson)

Legal Tender–B52’s (counterfiting)

Cocaine Blues–Johnny Cash (possesion of cocaine, murder, concealing a loaded firearm, evading, crossing an international border, knowingly providing false information to law enforcement)

I Can’t Drive 55–Sammy Hagar (speeding, reckless driving)

Basket Case–Green Day (solicitation of a prostitute, possesion of marijuana)

Papa Loved Mama–Garth Brooks (murder, willfull destruction of property)

Stealing People’s Mail–Dead Kennedys (theft of mail)

Rhymin’ and Stealing–Beastie Boys (vessel piracy in international waters, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, failing to report for military service, rape, arson, drunk in public, use of illegal narcotics, possesion of heroine)

I Fought The Law–Bobby Fuller Four (armed robbery)

The Bottom Line–Big Audio Dynamite

Heaven Is A Halfpipe–OPM (

Smooth Criminal–Michael Jackson (breaking and entering, aggrivated assault)

Murder Was The Case–Snoop Dogg (concealed weapon, possesion of marijuana, attempted murder)

I Shot The Sheriff–Bob Marley (murder)

The Guns of Brixton–The Clash (inciting a riot, disorderly conduct)

Little Amsterdam–Tori Amos (murder)

Natural Born Killas–Ice Cube (murder)

Cop Killa–Bodycount (murder)

How I Could Just Kill A Man–Rage Against The Machine (murder)

Date Rape–Sublime (assault, sexual assualt, rape, vandalism, perjury)

April 29, 1992–Sublime (breaking and entering, arson, vandalism, grand theft, looting, murder, inciting a riot)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin–Warrant (murder, illegal disposal of a corpse, pollution of public irrigation, )

Been Caught Stealin’–Jane’s Addiction (shoplifting)

Police and Theives–The Clash

The City Sleeps–MC 900 Ft. Jesus  (arson)

Angry Johnny–Poe (conspiricy to commit murder)

Firestarter–Prodigy (arson)

Peanut Butter Conspiracy–Jimmy Buffet (shoplifting)

Regulators–Warren G. (unlawful gambling, intmidation, armed robbery, concealed firearm, brandishing, prostitution, illegal firearm, )

Drop It Like It’s Hot–Snoop Dogg (grand theft auto, possesion of stolen property, possesion of marijuana, brandishing an illegal firearm, assault, murder )

18 And Life–Skid Row (manslaughter)

Roxanne–The Police (prostituion)

Cocaine–Buckcherry (Illegal possesion)

Pat Brown–The Vandals (attemped murder)

Anarchy Burger–The Vandals (tresspassing, drunk and disorderly)

Everlast–What It’s Like (panhandling, murder, conspiracy to commit assault, dissorderly conduct, possesion of marijuana, distribution of narcotics, brandishing, concealed firearm)

Freshman–The Verve Pipe (suicide)

Fortunate Son–Credence Clearwater Revival (failure to report for military duty)

Waitress–Tori Amos (conspiricy to commit murder)

Wake Up Call–Maroon 5 (murder)

Robbers and Cowards–(breaking and entering, burglary, tresspassing)

  1. Jessie says:

    This Fire-Franz Ferdinand (arson)
    Diamond Dogs-Beck (David Bowie) (prostitution)
    ’97 Bonnie and Clyde-Tori Amos (Eminem) Murder, Bank robbing 🙂


  2. David says:

    Johnny Cash-Don’t Take Your Guns To Town


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