Songs That Mention (or allude to) The Beatles

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Playlists
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London Calling--The Clash
Life In A Northern Town--Dream Academy
Helter Skelter--U2
Ball Of Confusion--The Temptations
Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?--The Ramones
Young Americans--David Bowie
God II--U2
I Just Shot John Lennon - The Cranberries
I Dig Rock and Roll Music--Peter, Paul, and Mary
Summer Rain--Johhny Rivers
  1. Gilberto Bosquez says:

    Another song is WE DIDN´T START THE FIRE by BILLY JOEL


  2. Chicken McNuggets says:

    Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You – Sugarloaf


  3. Tom Cunningham says:

    The Who. “The Seeker”


  4. Tom Cunningham says:

    How does Bowie reference The Beatles ?


    • kbushman says:

      In the third verse of “Young Americans” they use the line “I heard the news today, oh boy”, from “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles.


  5. Stephen Gruenling says:

    “Never Been to Spain” by
    Three Dog Night (1971-72)


  6. Imiss RocknRoll says:

    “I Like to Rock” by April Wine. (Day Tripper)


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