Sylvia Plath–Ryan Adams

Santa Monica–Savage Garden (mentions Norman Mailer)

Virginia Woolf–Indigo Girls

Bukowski–Modest Mouse (Charles Bukowski)

Rattlesnakes–Lloyd Cole and The Commotions (mentions Simone De Beauvoir)

Don’t Stand So Close To Me–The Police (mentions Nabekov)

The Ground Beneath Her Feet–U2 (credits Salman Rushdie for lyrics)

Space Dog–Tori Amos (mentions “Neil” Gainman)

Tear In Your Hand–Tori Amos (mentions “Neil” Gainman)

Carbon Made–Tori Amos (mentions “Neil” Gainman)

Hey Jack Kerouac–10,000 Maniacs

  1. David says:

    Oscar Wilde Play


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