Songs The Mention or Allude to Bob Dylan

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Playlists

3 Minute Rule–Beastie Boys

American Pie–Don McLean

Bandit–Neil Young

Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard–Wilco

Bob Dylan’s 115th Nightmare–Gay Blades

Bob Dylan’s Blues–Syd Barrett

Don’t Look Back–Belle and Sebastian

Flying High–Country Joe and The Fish

Give Peace a Chance–Plastic Ono Band

God–John Lennon

Gone Til November–Wyclef Jean

I Only Wanna Be With You–Hootie and the Blowfish

If You Don’t Like Hank Williams–Kris Kristofferson

Me and Bobby D–Everything But The Girl

Mr. Jones–Counting Crows

Ready, Steady, Go–Generation X

Right Here, Right Now–Jesus Jones

Song For Bob Dylan–David Bowie

Song For Bobby–Cat Power

Telegram Sam–T.Rex

The Ballad Of Bob Dylan–Richard Belzer

The Lonesome Ballad of Robert Zimmerman–Hogan’s Fountain

The Seeker–The Who

Who is Mr. Jones–Momus

Yer Blues–The Beatles


  1. Michael says:

    Hey, thanks for including Hogan’s Fountain’s tune in your list. Quite an honor to be listed w/ artist like that for any reason. Peace.


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