Posted: July 22, 2011 in Playlists

$200 Tattoo–The Eels

Another Tattoo–Weird al Yankovic

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo–Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Cloud On My Tongue–Tori Amos

Cobra Tattoo–Mountain Goats

Invisible Tattoo–Michael Bolton

Last Tattoo–Rehab

Like A Tattoo–Sade

New Tattoo–Motley Crue

New Tattoo–Saving Abel

Queen’s Tattoo–Aztec Camera

Red Dragon Tattoo–Fountains Of Wayne

Sister’s Got A New Tattoo–Sawyer Brown

The Same Tattoos–Fences

Tattoo–Joseph Arthur

Tattoo–Jordin Sparks

Tattoo–The Beautiful

Tattoo–The Who

Tattoo–Siouxie and The Banshees

The Rose Tattoo–Perry Como


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