About This Site

This is the personal blog of Kari Bushman.  The views and opinions expressed here are those of Kari Bushman only, and do not represent the views or opinions of any radio station where Kari Bushman has been or is presently employed.

Likewise, the playlists on this site are solely the work of Kari Bushman (unless otherwise noted under comments) and represent hours of work on my part.  The interpretation of songs’ lyrical content or meanings for inclusion in these playlists (or the lyric section) are usually supported by research into the composer’s actual intended meaning.  However, when no composer’s interpretation has been available, those of Kari Bushman have been used.

These lists are not and probably can never be exhaustive in any given topic.  Please feel free to comment and add to any list you choose.

New for 2012, I have added the section called Cats. The reference comes from Dear John by Ryan Adams and Norah Jones (“Ten years passed, and I ended up with a house-full of cats”). Every morning I wake up with a song in my head, and I’m never really sure where it came from. Like I left a window open somewhere in my brain, and it just wandered in while I slept. At times it’s a new song that I have been listening to a lot, and sometimes I think it’s just a song that doesn’t want to be lost or forgotten.  Anyway, the variety amuses me, so I wanted to collect them in one place like my own little house full of  Cats.

Thank you for visiting.  🙂

  1. SadieSadie says:

    Um I love your blog. A lot. I’m a big playlist person too. It’s an art. 🙂


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