“Kari is excellent Jon.  You’re very lucky to have a partner like her.   She completely gets it and she represents women well.  This is why women will like her and your show.  Your chemistry is very good.” 

“Ms. Bushman is doing mornings on a station I consult in SG and she is pure talent man. I love her to death and she has made the world of difference on the morning show. If I ever went back to doing mornings, she is someone I’d try to steal in a heartbeat. :)”

Mark Elliott
President Z1 Creative
5699 Kanan Road #604
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 259-0091

“[Kari Bushman] is a strong personality with a fantastic on air presence. She is a creative thinker who continually strives to create and implement great ideas.”

“Her passion and knowledge of music is second to none.”
Bruce Jones
KENZ-FM Program Director (retired)
(801) 556-9788


“Wow. [Kari Bushman], You look like Glen Danzig.”

Jon Smith
KSNN-FM Program Director
(801) 592-8594



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